Ghost Cow Night entertainment

Part of our celebration event next month will include music. We have a specially composed song which a local choir will be signing to call the ghost cows down off their summer pastures – the words and music are by Geoff Garrett and strictly under wraps until after the event. However, we are also hoping to sing some traditional local songs too, such as ‘Beautiful Swaledale’ which everyone will know especially if they’ve been at the Farmers Arms in Muker after Muker Show when Muker Silver Band leads the assembled masses – watch a rather moving video of it here

Local farmer, and member of the choir, Rachel Hall, has also suggested she organise some reading of old poems about the area and sent us these photos of the poems in local dialect.

She has people in mind to do them justice – we can’t wait. She told us that ‘The Swodil Teeups’  poem mentions a tup called Stone House Hero, bred by her grandfather, adding, “we farm it [Stone House] now, so it’s special to us”.