Keld Side Hogg House

Have a look at our 3d model of the Keld Side Hogg House. The model was made using a piece of software called Agisoft Photoscan, and by using digital photo’s taken on cameras provided to the project through the HLF funding.

This building is a particularly good example, similar to a number of other Swaledale Hogg Houses. It is located on an area of enclosed fell, higher ground which was suitable for pasture, but not for meadow.  The hogg house dates from the second half of the 19th Century, it is very well-built, made from quarried sandstone which was probably acquired specifically for the purpose.

Inside, part of the roof truss shows scratched markings which may indicate that the timber came from the Baltic – unusual, given that the overland journey for such a substantial piece of timber would have been quite a challenge.

The model shows the barn as it was early in 2017, with clear signs that the roof ridge needed attention. It has  been repaired this summer as part of the concurrently running ‘Muker Barns Project’, and will hopefully stay in the landscape for many more years.