Art Barn project update

Our artist Helen Peyton is now in the studio working up her ideas and has just sent this update:

“After a number of visits to the local museums, Reeth, Dales Countryside and Craven including some delightful walks, I am now ready to get into the studio and start making art. I start the process in situ by taking photos for reference and quick, lively sketches to develop ideas, these I transfer to monoprint.

Helen Peyton – printing setup

Monoprint is the simplest print process where ink is rolled out thinly onto a sheet of glass, paper is gently laid on top of the ink, using a pencil you draw onto the paper and the image is transferred onto the paper that is touching the glass. This process is very unpredictable as the amount of ink and pressure dictate so you often get happy accidents that encourage you to explore the process further. “

Her museum visits have interested her in dairy items such as butter markers:

Our old photographs of northern dairy shorthorns seem to have inspired these prints:

While the cowhouses themselves have obviously inspired these lovely momoprints:


One Reply to “Art Barn project update”

  1. Looking good Helen !
    Perhaps skip inspiration from branding irons!
    But old milk churns and milking machines I was brought up with an have great sculptural quailities I think

    Good luck with it all

    C H R I S. X

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