Children’s Leaflet

We have commissioned Glenda Calvert to work on a children’s leaflet for us and she is involving a group of local children in researching and writing it.  She sent us these photos of their first recce of the route last week. She told us:

We were lucky as it stayed dry (almost) however it was unbelievably windy. Going up Kisdon it was hard to step forward without you leg being blown off course! Then when we turned left along the Pennine Way and got to the exposed part on the edge of the fell, a rain shower blew up from nowhere! Fortunately by the time we got down to the bottom of the hill the sun came out just in time for our lunch stop.”

The next step is to get the kids to produce the illustrations and words for the leaflet. Glenda is also organising a haytiming day where the children will get a chance to practice strewing the hay with special child-sized wooden hayrakes, building haycocks and then trampling hay down in the mew.

Haytiming (courtesy of Ann Holubecki)