Feedback from local children

We’ve already mentioned that Glenda Calvert has been working with some local children to produce a children’s walk leaflet about local cowhouses. They have walked the route with her,  taken photos, written about  what they’ve seen, done colourful illustrations and taken part in craft workshops.

Taking photos along the trail route (photo: Glenda Calvert)
Taking a photo along the route (Photo: Glenda Calvert)

As part of the process we asked them to tell us what they thought about the experience. Here are some of their answers:

“Apart from tired legs, it was pretty nice to see the views (as I don’t get out much!)” Wilf aged 10

“It was great! I drawed a waterfall, a bridge…my favourites” Aneira aged 6

“We were talking about cow’usses. I actually learned a lot about the cow’usses’ history. I hadn’t really learned much about the history of Swaledale before. I love history so it was good.” Joe aged 10

A stile along the route (photo: Glenda Calvert)

“It was good because I was with my friends and we were pushing each other in the grass. We learned about the barns – I call them cow’usses. There was one called ‘Burnt Down’. That’s cos it burned down a long time ago. I drew a lot of flowers and two barns, one big, one small. I saw them on the walk. I did some sticking. I made a cow’us.” Hazel aged 6

We can’t wait to see the leaflet. It’s one in a series of popular children’s walk leaflets produced by Glenda and will be available from the Keld Resource Centre and local accommodation providers.

Interviewing one of the children who helped create the children’s walk leaflet