Field names

We are continuing doing the research for the Every Barn… walk leaflets and discovering some wonderful dialect field names like ‘Slapey’ meaning slippery and ‘Puke’ which is short for the family name Peacock (see Will Swales blog). There are lots of meadows called Ing and Close which are obvious, along with others like ‘Slack’ and ‘Seal’ and ‘Purse’ pronounced Puss,  which we are still puzzling over.

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  1. In TNA JUST 3./169/m8 (online at Anglo-American Legal Tradition fronts IMG 0019) I found a mention of the murder of John de Skelton in 1378 at Cliffton, York (apparently the Cliffton now incorporated into the city of York, since it was in the North Riding) in a place called, as best I could transcribe it, “Hurtbuk.” Is there any other information about a field or place with that or a similar name in Cliffton?

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