Ghost Calf Workshops

We ran two workshops for families in Muker earlier this week to help Handmade Parade make ghost calves for our Ghost Cow Night in November.  We had lots of people turn up and everyone had a wonderful time, some families stayed all day and one little boy enjoyed himself so much he came back on his own and got into lots of trouble with his parents!

National Park staff who helped out were full of praise for the event, Rachael Alderson told us:

“A great event for all the generations. I think we had a 3 year old up to 87 year old! So it really crossed the generations…The village hall caretaker was super helpful and all the residents who came by were very kind and supportive, we even got cake made for us by a family! It was a true community event in beautiful village with grandparents, young children, teenagers and parents all coming together, some to take part in the activity but some just to socialise and talk about barns. It couldn’t have worked better on the Tuesday for that.”

Glenda Calvert joined us on Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed herself as you can read on her Pry House Farm blog