Song for Ghost Cow Night celebration

We have commissioned musician Geoff Garrett to work with a local choir on a song to call our ‘ghost cows’ down off Kisdon Hill as part of our end of project celebration called Ghost Cow Night. We were out yesterday testing the acoustics around Keld. Farmer John Rukin has kindly given us permission to hold the event in and around Myers Bottom cowhouse and he came out to have a chat with Geoff about the various cow calls he uses and the correct pronunciation of the Swardle dialect words Geoff is using in the composition.

Farmer John Rukin talking to musician Geoff Garrett

We were inspired by the spine-tingling Scandinavian cow calls which are known as kulning. If you are on Facebook – there’s an amazing film of Jonna Jinton calling the village cows home for the winter – follow this link and turn the sound up.